Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

July 23rd marked Rarebase’s second anniversary, and we have much to celebrate! 

Rarebase was founded because the rare disease community needs a new approach to discover therapies for medically underserved rare diseases. By applying cutting edge drug hunting technology at scale, we are changing the way that therapies are developed and applied.

A few of our significant achievements from the last two years include: 
  1. Partnering directly with families and communities to initiate drug discovery for 25 rare genetic disorders
  2. Built a state-of-the art laboratory in Palo Alto, CA 
  3. Assembled a talented team of experts with 50+ combined years of research experience from world-class institutions
  4. Completing initial screening of 4,000 compounds
  5. Evaluating 125 billion data points to make preliminary drug predictions for our collaborators

The culmination of these achievements was marked last month by our biggest milestone to date: we began testing select candidate compounds in patient-derived cells for the very first time. We are grateful to our patients, families, and funders for helping us advance our goal of improving the quality of life for millions of people who have been overlooked by drug discovery research.

Our team is excited to provide a path forward for patients and families over the next two years and beyond 🚀

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